Organizing Committee

The Association Les Amitiés Musicales is the organizing committee of the International Piano Competition HRH Princess Lalla Meryem.

The Association

The Association Les Amitiés Musicales, a non-profit association, was established in Meknes in September 1993.
It is made up of volunteers with a strong connection to Culture and the Arts. Academics, architects, senior civil servants, musicians, … all united around the same passion and objective: the organization of the International Piano Competition Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Meryem.

The Board
Ghizlane Hamadi
Najiba Serghini-Alami
Loubna Tahiri-Benzakour
General Secretary
Mayya Chémali-Zein
Deputy General Secretary
Tawfik Ouldammar
Ghizlane Benjamaa-Guennoun
Deputy Treasurer
  • Ms. Sanae ACHERKI
  • Ms. Rachida AHMAR-LEGROUN
  • Ms. Katim ALAOUI
  • Mr. Hassan AYADI
  • Ms. Samira BENMOUNA
  • Ms. Nezha CHAIB-AYADI
  • Ms. Samia FASSI-FIHRI
  • Ms. Brigitte MEISTERMANN
  • Ms. Josiane OULDAMMAR
  • Ms. Raphya SEFIANI, founding member
  • Ms. Touria SERRAJ, founding member
  • Ms. Yoko ZANANE
The Competition Organizing Committee

1 . Partnership, Patronage and Administrative and Financial Management Commission

Members: Mr. Tawfik OULDAMMAR, Ms. Katim ALAOUI, Ms. Touria SERRAJ, Ms. Ghizlane HAMADI, Ms. Josiane OULDAMMAR, Mr. Hassan AYADI, Ms. Najiba SERGHINI, Ms. Ghizlane BENJAMAA.
Coordination: Mr. Tawfik OULDAMMAR

2. Events Technical Organization Commission

Members: Ms. Mayya ZEIN, Ms. Rachida AHMAR-LEGROUN, Ms. Sanae ACHERKI, Ms. Josiane OULDAMMAR, Ms. Loubna TAHIRI, Ms. Nezha CHAIB, Ms. Samira BENMOUNA, Ms. Brigitte MEISTERMANN, Ms. Raphya SEFIANI, Ms. Ghizlane HAMADI.
Coordination: Ms. Loubna TAHIRI

3. Communication Commission

Members: Ms. Haruko AKAOKA, Ms. Ghizlane HAMADI, Ms. Samia FASSI-FIHRI, Ms. Touria SERRAJ, Ms. Najiba SERGHINI, Ms. Loubna TAHIRI.
Coordination: Mr. Hassan AYADI

Former Members

The Association Les Amitiés Musicales expresses its sincere and profound gratitude to all the institutions and individuals who have placed their trust in it and who have contributed greatly to the launch of the association and to the development and success of the Competition.

  • The late Mr. Hassan AMRANI
  • The late Ms. France CLIDAT
  • The late Mr. Georges CZIFFRA
  • Mr. Mohammed EL KENDOUCI
  • The late Mr. Driss HAMADI
  • Ms. Monette PAGNON
  • The late Mr. Alami TAZI
  • The late Mr. Brahim ZNIBER
  • Ms. Rita ZNIBER
Founding members
  • Ms. Nejma AGOUZZAL
  • Ms Naïma A-T-BAHAJJI
  • The late Ms. Saida BOUAYAD
  • Ms. Malika EL KENDOUCI
  • Ms. Nawal EL KENDOUCI
  • Ms. Lamia HIMMICH-TAZI
  • Ms. Rafya SEFIANI
  • Ms. Touria SERRAJ
  • The late Ms. Alice UNTERHALT-HAMADI
Former members
  • Ms. Atika SENTISSI
  • Ms. Ilham BELKORA
  • Ms. Anissa BENNIS
  • Ms. Anne-Marie BESSIERES
  • Ms. Madeleine CHAMI
  • Ms. Yvette DAOUDI
  • Ms. Jamila EL KILANI
  • Ms. Tatiana LAYACHI
  • Ms. Zohra LHIOUI
  • The late Ms. Marguerite MERRE
  • Ms. Nabila SAIDI
  • Ms. Ratiba SEFRIOUI
  • The late Mr. Abderrahmane ZANANE

Honorary Committee

since its creation

  • Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Residing Abroad
  • Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research
  • Ambassador of Austria
  • Ambassador of Brazil
  • Ambassador of China
  • Ambassador of Egypt
  • Ambassador of France
  • Ambassador of Germany
  • Ambassador of Greece
  • Ambassador of Hungary
  • Ambassador of Italy
  • Ambassador of Japan (2008)
  • Ambassador of Korea
  • Ambassador of Mexico
  • Ambassador of Palestine
  • Ambassador of Poland
  • Ambassador of Portugal
  • Ambassador of Russia
  • Ambassador of Spain
  • Ambassador of Tunisia
  • Ambassador of Turkey
  • Ambassador of the United Kingdom
  • Delegate of Wallonia-Brussels
  • Mr. Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – UNESCO
  • Mr. Director General of the Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Culture – ISESCO
  • Mr. Director General of the Arab World Institute in Paris – IMA
  • Mr. Wali of the Rabat-Salé- Kenitra Region
  • Mr. President of Mohammed V University
  • Mr. Director of the Royal College
  • Mr. President of the Regional Council
  • Mr. President of the Prefectural Council
  • Mr. President of the Communal Council
  • Mr. President of the Noufissa Pharma 5 Foundation
  • Mr. President of the CDG Caisse de Dépôt et management
  • Mr. President and CEO of Henry’s
  • Mr. President of the HEM Rabat Group
  • The late Ms. France CLIDAT
  • The late Mr. Georges CZIFFRA
  • The late Mr. Michel JOBERT
  • The late Lord Yehudi MENUHIN
  • Mr. Dominique MERLET